Information Technology

ISL is expert in earned value management. We have a successful track record for delivering best practices software within the confines of approved project specifications and plans as a strategic advantage to our clients. The project deliverables presented are of high quality, are usable, and exceed customers’ requirements and expectations. ISL takes the initiative to ensure a disciplined approach to software engineering and software quality assurance that is necessary for success. Clients who require ASME NQA and/or IEEE compliance have certified ISL’s software engineering, project management, and quality assurance practices and framework as meeting or exceeding these required standards.

Custom Software Development

ISL has a diverse team of software engineering professionals and an established history of delivering quality code products using proven techniques and methodologies. Our development engineers design and develop software applications for a variety of platforms to meet requirements for data analysis, digital signal processing, real-time processing, human machine interface design, customized applications and intricate system messaging. The resulting products transform requirements into solid, reliable digital capabilities.

“Best Practices”

ISL performs all software development following industry best practices utilizing IEEE guidelines. We have recently completed a CMMI Class C appraisal with excellent results, and are currently working to achieve CMMI Maturity Level 3.


To help enforce adherence to the IEEE standards, ISL has developed an in-house application for project requirements management that allows us to provide complete traceability of software requirements from inception, through testing, issue resolution, to production. The “matrix” includes numerous online reports, e-mail notifications, user personalization options, and data export capabilities. Our clients are provided access to the “matrix” for real-time project status reports, enhancement requests, change approvals, and more.

Database Design, Development, & Administration

ISL’s experienced database designers and database administrators provide robust, scalable data solutions to ensure that you are using your data with maximum efficiency. Our staff has experience with all mainstream database systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Specific data solutions include:

  • Database design, investigation and re-design
  • Database migration, upsizing, importing and exporting of data
  • Data replication
  • Database administration and maintenance
  • Security auditing
  • Data integrity checks
  • Advanced data reporting  

Open System Architecture Design

ISL develops systems and architectures to achieve information access, analysis, messaging and sharing requirements. Architectures and design experience include multi-core development and schema design to maximize system performance. Using open standards and methodologies, our engineering professionals design and develop solutions to meet modern-day system availability, accessibility and security demands.

Complex System Integration

Our experienced computer engineering staff utilizes the latest technologies and industry standards for integrating products and capabilities into robust systems to address complex integrated requirements. Staff engineering capabilities and experience leverages techniques for virtualization and multi-level security operations, as well as database design and development, and advanced network operations. Innovative solutions are designed, developed and implemented using formal processes and awareness of current technologies, operating environments and security threats.