Technology Solutions

ISL is a vertically integrated “one stop” solution for the entire technology development cycle from basic science and R&D, through engineering development and prototyping, to full rate production. We specialize in advanced sensor systems for air, sea, land and space, high-fidelity modeling and simulation and HWIL testing, high performance computing (HPC), embedded computing, real-time high performance software, prototyping and full rate production. A hallmark of ISL is digging into the basic science of a problem, questioning previous assumptions, an re-deriving an entirely new solution that far exceeds previous capabilities. We have been successful with this approach in numerous applications including novel new methods for detecting submarines, super-resolution radar imaging, mutlipath radar tracking of vehicles in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments (e.g., urban terrain), cognitive sensing, rapid emitter geolocation from a single observing platform, and novel gravimetric sensing for nuclear power plant control.

Energy Solutions

In the Energy Sector, ISL provides comprehensive areas of support to the U.S. government and foreign clients ranging from safety analysis and assessment of complex engineering systems to the development of regulatory structures and evaluation procedures. All of this is complemented by a best-practices approach to work products, including software development. ISL customers include the Department of Transportation (DOT), DARPA, NASA, NRC, the Department of Energy and foreign clients. We have expanded our technical capabilities to include computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and decision analysis.