RFView is an advanced cloud-based site-specific radio frequency simulation and analysis environment. The simulation environment is built on ISL’s industry-leading Splatter, Clutter, and Target Signal (SCATS) RF phenomenology engine. SCATS has successfully supported numerous advanced development projects for DARPA, Army, Navy, Air Force and other classified customers since 1989.

It was one of the earliest site-specific radio frequency (RF) phenomenology analysis tools to provide an accurate characterization of complex RF environments. Uses of the model include system analysis, test planning, high-fidelity synthetic data generation, and signal processing algorithm development. The model provides characterization of target returns, direct path signal, ground scattered signal (clutter for radar), direct path signals from interferers, and ground scattered interference signals (hot clutter, splatter, or terrain-scattered interference).


  • High Fidelity physics based electromagnetic propagation
  • VHF through X-band
  • Fully polarmetic
  • Multichannel/MIMO radar
  • Bi/Multistatic clutter
  • Web-browser user friendly interface
  • High-fidelity RF systems modeling
  • Multiple multichannel radar models
  • Real-world hardware effects (e.g., channel miss-match)
  • Based on novel multi-channel S-parameter formulation

RFView is a subscription based service.  ISL offers 3 different plans depending on your type of organization.


  • License for Academic Institutions and Students


  • License for Government Agencies


  • License for Commercial Entities

If you have any questions regarding RFView, please contact us. Please use the form below or email us at rfviewhelp@islinc.com.

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