Next Generation in Operator RF/Radar Training

RFView™ is an advanced site specific radio frequency simulation and analysis environment. RFView has successfully supported numerous advanced development projects for DARPA, Army, Navy, Air Force and other private customers since 1989. It is now possible to have a completely realistic radar/RF flight simulation capability that faithfully re-creates what a pilot/operator would see flying anywhere in world, against realistic threats. Advanced 3D scene databases are integrated into RFView, along with advanced target radar/RF models and electronic warfare (EW) systems.

Current flight simulators do not have a high-fidelity, physics-based, real-time radar/RF modeling and simulation feature of real world terrain, targets, and Electronic Warfare (EW) effects.

Novel integrated high-fidelity radar/RF/EW flight simulator adjunct “sidecar” that can be rapidly and cost-effectively integrated with existing flight simulators and training systems.

Increased readiness and mission success. Pilots/Operators can train in realistic environments that capture the key coupling between pilot/operator actions and radar/RF performance.

First ever real-time, physics based, integrated radar/RF simulation capability that faithfully replicates the complex environment encountered in standoff air-to-ground engagements, in highly contested environments.

Allows for training in the most contested environments and advanced threats, including postulated future threats.

Universal ethernet based interface allows for its integration into both DoD flight simulators, and commercial products such as XPlane.

Sidecar architecture dramatically minimizes integration costs with high-end flight simulators.

Training Device Solution Includes:

ISL RFView™ sidecar
ISL X-Plane radar display plugin
Trainer Host Computer w/ GPU
Bugeye F-35 stick controller
Bugeye F-35 throttle controller
Large format touchscreen display

Turnkey Solutions

X-Plane Stand alone ready to
use product BUT with the sidecar
architecture, RFView (training)
can be integretagd into a number
of different flight simulation
environments at a low cost.

Features and Benefits

High Fidelity physics based electromagnetic propagation
VHF through X-band
Fully polarmetic
Multichannel/MIMO radar
Bi/Multistatic clutter
High-fidelity RF systems modeling
Multiple multichannel radar models
Real-world hardware effects (e.g., channel miss-match)

System Requirements

Windows Workstation

High Performance GPU

Available Services

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Application Support

Hardware Support

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