The Leading Requirements Based Project Management Tool

A New Approach to Project Management

The key ingredient to any successful project is the creation and management of project requirements.  The Matrix software helps project teams translate project requirements into project tasks that can be easily tracked to completion.  The Matrix software features all the necessary tools and features to help each project team members fulfill their responsibilities and contribute to a wining project.

Good Requirements Lead to Successful Projects

If your project doesn’t have a quality set of requirements how is success measured?  Where do you begin?  Where do you end?  The Matrix helps project teams work with customers and stakeholders to successfully start and end projects.

Control Scope Creep Before It Starts

Having problems with scope, schedule, and budget because of uncontrolled scope creep?  The Matrix features a robust Change Management system focused on tight control of project requirements that has built in support to control scope, schedule, and budget changes.

Make Testing Easier

How is your project validated by test teams?  The Matrix automates the process of creating requirements based test cases that are directly integrated with a robust issue tracking system.

Why Focus On



Be Compliant With Full Traceability

Give documented and proven results to clients and stakeholders

One of the biggest challenges facing projects is the ability to demonstrate the project has been successfully completed and that all requirements have been met.  Because of its unique focus of requirements, the Matrix makes it easy for project leaders to provide documented proof that all requirements have been completely verified, implemented, and tested.

Design Mappings

 A requirement can be directly mapped to a design element with the software system.

Test Case Mappings

Automatically generate test cases that are directly associated with project requirements.

Results Mappings

Testing results and outputs can be directly traced to the requirement being validated.