Requirements Management

  • Integrated Change Control
  • Change Logs for requirement modification
  • Automated generation of Change Reports
  • Batch uploading of requirements
  • Automatically generate Project Requirements document


Build Management

  • Track project releases/builds
  • Automatically assigned associated issues to test team with each new build
  • Designated release/build types


Design Management

  • Manage project design elements
  • Automatically assign unique deslgn element identifiers
  • Associate design elements with one or more requirements
  • Batch uploading of design elements


Test Cases

  • Automatically generate test cases based on selected requirements/design elements
  • Track test case inputs/output
  • Associate test case results against specified builds
  • Create custom test case objects
  • Attach external files to test cases
  • Automated issue generation from test case executions
  • Track test case executions, status, and results

Issue Tracking

  • Integrated, full featured issue management system
  • Assign issues to users
  • Customizeable status, disposition fields
  • IEEE based tracking data
  • Associate one or more requirements to an issue
  • Associate issues with test case executions

Other Features

  • Manage Action/Request Logs
  • Project document repository
  • Wide range of reports
  • Bundle issues into Work Packages
  • Automated email notifications