Cyber Risk Management Tools & Services

ISL specializes in risk-management products, techniques, and systems to identify and ameliorate threats to critical assets and infrastructure operating in environments demanding high reliability.

ISL’s cybersecurity expertise grows out of its development of cutting-edge risk management analysis techniques and products, one of which is currently flying on the International Space Station. 


Bayesian Reliability Tool (BRT)  – A unique tool and methodology that quantifies risk to unproven systems subject to large uncertainties.  The tool helps reduce uncertainty through statistical inference using Bayes’s Theorem


CIPRIO address Supply Chain Risk Management issues and provides risk informed, empirical basis to inspection and testing resource allocation.


Deliberative Anomaly Grading and Evaluation of Risk Significance (DAnGERS) – Designed to implement, embed, and automate the APA and PRA processes


The R-Matrix is an advanced requirements based project management tools that assists with compliance to NIST, IEEE, CMMI, and ISO standards for security and traceability.