Cyber Security Is Risk Management

Cybersecurity is risk management and it is a critical concern for corporations and their customers.  Integrating cyber requirements and institutionalizing them in a practical manner that will produce secure and reliable network operations is a further challenge.  ISL has developed a framework management system and series of tools to resolve that challenge.

ISL specializes in risk-management products, techniques, and systems to identify and ameliorate threats to critical assets and infrastructure operating in environments demanding high reliability.



Risk Informed Decisions

Unlock the keys to making cyber decisions with ISL’s Risk Information Decision techniques

Quality Assurance

Guard and protect against cyber hazard utilizing ISL’s Quality Assurance program and techniques.

System Requirements

Using ISL’s specialized Matrix software, track system and cyber requirements implementation in real time.

Operations Framework

Utilize an operations management framework for implementing cyber risk management in any organization

Risk Management

Identify, quantify, and grade risks before they happen using a unique evaluation process.

Process Firewalls

ISL’s Risk Management Frameworks and Tools act as firewall to all active threats and not just software related.