ISL Wrote the Book on Risk Management

ISL wrote the book on risk management, conceiving of, designing, validating, and supporting implementation of risk management methods and frameworks to protect critical assets and infrastructure operating in environments demanding high reliability, such as those in space launch and travel and nuclear energy, weapons, and propulsion sectors.

ISL’s cybersecurity expertise grows out of its development of cutting-edge risk management analysis techniques and products, one of which is currently flying on the International Space Station.

Cyber Risk Management Methods and Frameworks

ISL offers a wide range of service which includes implementation of our methods and frameworks to address organizational cyber risk management needs.  These include:

  • enterprise risk management
  • risk information decision making
  • precursor analysis to prevent threat emergence
  • risk acceptance framework
  • risk based inspection planning
  • organizational risk and opportunity management

Cyber Risk Management Techniques and Tools

ISL offers several specialized tools and techniques that assist in the deployment of complete cyber risk management program.  These include:

  • hazard analysis
  • event analysis
  • engineering and control analysis
  • utility based decision analysis
  • risk ranking and prioritization
  • development of risk mitigation requirements
  • supply chain quality control
  • commercial grade dedication frameworks
  • quality assurance for engineering and software systems